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Resident Evil Zero HD Review

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Resident Evil Zero HD Review

Mensagem por Hyouki em Dom Mar 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Capcom can be said to command several distinct franchises, but I’d say they're closer to speaking multiple languages. When it comes to Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry and so on, you either understand them completely or you haven’t got a clue—what they’re about, what you’re supposed to do, and why people are still banging on about them.

This is especially true for Resident Evil, a franchise founded on tangled canon and torturous controls. There’s a bit of a barrier there. To the uninformed onlooker, the series is a mess. But for those fluent in tank controls, rehashed characters and absurd boss battles, the series is a mess that fills a very specific and satisfying niche. When the planets align, Resi’s intimate and fiddly inventory management, objectively claustrophobic combat, theatrical plots and characters, and unrelenting atmosphere provide a unique experience that really sings.

But sometimes it never gets past the point of Resident Evil Zero.


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